DSC_0022My family and I serve our HEAVENLY FATHER ALL-OUT everyday where ever in the world he has us.  Right now we are living in Addis Ababa Ethiopia.  We are bringing hope to the hopeless.  He has chosen us to be HIS hands and HIS feet so that the least of these may feel HIS love.  We moved to Ethiopia as a family of 4 and now are a family of 14.  Its funny how we make our own plans and if your willing HE rearranges them to be better than you can ever imagine.

We serve with our team here at Make Your Mark Ethiopia. We have a day center that we invite in cycles around 12-15 streets kids (yes kids that actually live in the streets) for about 6 months at a time. This we use as a filtration process to see what kids are really ready to get off the streets. We are actually in the process of opening our first transition home. Its a home where we will have a Ethiopian husband and wife that are willing to be mom and dad to these that are ready street kids for a couple years. During this time in the home they will begin going to school, or learning a trait. For the older kids they will go to a trade school and learn something that will empower them to financially take care of themselves in the future giving them opportunity to save and get their own home. The kids that have family we will do intense counseling with them and their parents over a period of time to prepare both the kid and family for reunification. Our youth that are truly orphans will be taught how a family functions through just real life living with a family seeing discipline, responsibility and conflict; and how a family deals with such things because it is not their first reaction which is to run.

We also have a part of our ministry that is called Keeping Kids Home aka KKH. This is our prevention support so that less kids become a statistic of the street life.  In this we come along side of the poorest of the poor of families  in our neighborhood colliding with the government and local schools and empower families to stay together. At first we build their trust by providing a basic need for the child (food, uniforms, school materials, hygiene products etc) but we have something much more powerful just around the corner. It is our goal to empower each family to one day to be able to take care of their own. We want to educate train and seek for their God given gifts to help them to become all that they are created to be. We do this through living life and being in community, work shops, training and education.

It’s funny how GOD uses our past to help others future.  I was a runaway in America at the age of 12, had watched my dad try to kill my mom when I was 8 years old, sexually abused by a few people, grew up FATHERLESS, did many shameful things and hated who I was.   My husband grew up FATHERLESS was a troubled teenager who was constantly getting in trouble with the police, he has a criminal record, got a girl pregnant at the age of 13 in which was aborted. ITS REAL….ITS LIFE.  I think GOD knew exactly what HE was doing as HE put the pieces of our lives together to serve HIM here in Addis.  We can relate with these youth.  They too come from awful family situations, are FATHERLESS, feel unworthy and are not sure about anything or anyone that has to do with love….what is LOVE most of them wander?   It is our hope that we can physically show these kids LOVE, VALUE, APPRECIATION, HARD WORK, LIFE CHANGE.  It makes all the difference when you realize you have someone fighting this fight with you, who will pray with you, cry with you and even correct at you when you mess up.  We want to empower these youth and families to be all that their DADDY created them to be.  We want these kids and families to have HOPE, FORGIVENESS, and HEALING.

We are in complete awe of our creator and how he chooses to use us each day.  You don’t have to move to Africa to be used for HIS purpose.  You just have to be willing to say YES to those in front of you each and everyday that HE places in your path.  Its never easy, its never convenient and never at your timing but it is always rewarding, always beneficial and most the time life changing for both involved.   Before we moved to Ethiopia HE started our ministry called Make Your Mark where we loved on At Risk youth that lived in inner city Charlotte. Because we were obedient with the small HE increased our mission.  You just have to be willing where ever you are today,right now in this moment.

Our purpose of this blog site is to share with you our experiences (good, bad and the better) so that you will be encouraged to be used by your creator where ever in the world HE has you.

In HIS presence,

Carmen & Trent Post

AND Kiki, Gavin, Theory, Amilly, Lucy, Jerri, Initial, Elani, Belay, Sammy, Alebachew & Mikkious

  1. Christy Smith says:

    Love to the Post Family!

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